Oaxaquenos Eggs: Scrambled or fried eggs on corn tortilla bathed in mole, oaxaca cheese and served with beans (80 pesos). The mole at Los Mandilies is some of the best. Mixed with scrambled eggs, melted cheese, it's the ultimate comfort food. Sandy ordered this and was nice enough to share. My eager fork awaited.

One of my favorite meals of the day in Loreto, Baja California Sur is breakfast.

Most mornings, this consists of half of a large papaya followed by a cup of non-fat yogurt with cereal mixed in. The papayas in Loreto are sweet and ripe. I used to not like papayas when I was growing up on the east coast because they would taste bland and hard. It was only when I arrived in Loreto did I learn how wonderful they can be when they are picked ripe.

Then there are those special mornings. Ones where Clint and I stroll down the Loreto Malecon and stop into one of the little family-owned restaurants that dot the strip between the town and the Sea of Cortez. While our friends Bob and Sandy were in town, we decided to take them to Los Mandiles Restaurant. We were first introduced to this bright orange restaurant with azul-colored plastic chairs by Marla Daily, an avid supporter of the animal rescue shelter in town, Animalandia.

They serve traditional Mexican breakfasts, the kind where the ingredients and sauces melt together on rustic red stoneware. I also love their juices which are fresh squeezed. They make it only after you order it.

Carrot juice and apple juice at Los Mandiles. Freshly squeezed, not from concentrate. Carrot juice is my favorite. I only order it when I am at Los Mandiles.
Rancheros Eggs: Scrambled or fried on corn tortilla bathed with ranchero sauce. Served with Beans. (70 pesos). Nice tomato-ey sauce. There was only two chips with this dish, but they are so fun to eat. This is the dish Clint ordered.
Motulenos Eggs (Yucatan Style) Fried eggs on toast corn tortilla, with beans bathed with red sauce, ham and peas. Served with fried plantain macho. (80 pesos). Loved the peas on this dish. They almost match the green dots on the dishes. The plantains were just okay, but maybe it's because I am not crazy about plantains.
Divorced Eggs: Scrambled or fried eggs bathed with red and green sauce. Served with chilaquiles and beans (80 pesos). I love this dish with over-easy eggs. The green sauce and red sauce makes me feel like I am having two breakfasts in one!

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” – Adelle Davis (1904 – 1974)

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