Zero MPH

Zero MPH

Are you a person who moves through life at a fast pace? Tries to cram as many things into a day as possible? Even when you plan a vacation, do you fill every day with activity? Take a minute to consider your average daily speed.

– The next time you’re sitting at a stoplight, look at the speedometer in your car.

– Settle on a number, from zero to 60, that represents your ADS (average daily speed).

– Are you always “pedal to the metal”? Do you apply the brakes frequently? Do you roll through the stop signs? Do you often exceed the speed limit?

– Check in to see if this pace is effective, comfortable, and sustainable for you.

On the west shore of Lake Tahoe there is a section of 10 MPH hairpin turns, overlooking the most magnificent view of Lake Tahoe. Driving this section of road requires your full attention, but you can hardly take your eyes off the crystal blue water. As I approached this section, I laughed when I saw the bright yellow traffic sign, which was obviously missing a digit. But the message couldn’t be clearer: STOP and pay attention to what’s right in front of you.

What’s your personal style and speed for making things happen: pushing rocks uphill, or flowing with the river? Many of us believe that the only worthwhile journey is one in which we are moving forward in constant motion. No rest stops allowed.

For those of us on spin mode, what would it take to slow to zero MPH now and then, and feel what takes place when you’re at rest? Your breathing deepens. Your blood pressure decreases. Brain activity slows. Your muscles relax. Your body has the opportunity to restore and rejuvenate.

Preparing for a journey? Facing a demanding project? Plan your rest stops along the way. You might begin to notice that just as many things happen when you are at rest as when you are in motion. The place of rest is as much its own journey as a place of movement.

Next time you feel worn out from the energetic frenzy of life, reset your personal speedometer, and begin to notice what is within you and around you. You might be delighted at the small details that you never noticed before. Whenever it occurs to you during the day, reduce your speed to zero MPH and take in the moment.