Anthony Bourdain and Sean Penn in Haiti
Anthony Bourdain and Sean Penn in Haiti
Anthony Bourdain and Sean Penn in Haiti
Anthony Bourdain and Sean Penn in Haiti

Tony. Anthony. Call him what you will.

Anthony Bordain’s show No Reservations is a massive smash hit. Season 7 premieres tonight.

This preview (see below) looks pretty interesting. In one episode he ventures to a place you might not expect to be a culinary hot spot: Haiti. The show though is about discovery, learning and adventure.

So it’s a really inspired choice.

Sean Penn plays host which should make for some memorable dialog and dining. To be sure Bourdain addresses the question of celebrities causes right up front, dismissing the notion that this is simply camera time before Penn jets off to make another movie.

In this short clip on Eater, you might be surprised to hear Bourdain say, “What is this… Beverly Hills?!” in reference to a dining district in Port-au-Prince.

And then you might not be so surprised to hear him say WTF – at least once here, just to whet our appetite for some NY-style gravitas.

The Travel Channel, 9pm- the place to be.

Video: Anthony Bourdain and Sean Penn in Haiti

Of the fifteen destinations he will visit this season, three are North American: Boston, “US Desert” and Memphis. Bon appetit!

Photo: The Travel Channel.

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