Becoming Britney
Alison Ewing, Molly Bell, Carrie Madsen In the Fringe NYC production Photo credit: Dixie Sheridan

How does a pop sensation wind up bald and trapped in her own musical? Now you’ll get a chance to find out when Becoming Britney opens this weekend at the Center REP Theatre in Walnut Creek. It promises to be an interesting mix of pop culture and theater… the only question is will she still be able to sing? If Britney’s recent appearance on Glee is any indication then we say, bring on the backing track!

According the Center REP, Becoming Britney is a caustic (but loving) PG-13 fable that chronicles the rise…the dip…and the salvation of a foolhardy celebrity phenom.

The show features eleven original songs that pay homage to multiple musical theatre genres including shows like Annie and Rent, and composers like Roger and Hammerstein among others.

The songs include a comical waltz between Britney and K-Fed as they both agree the other is, “The Love of My Life (So Far)”…a show-stopper called “Push It Out” in which Brit has two babies…and “Out of Control”, a swingin’ jive number about her downward spiral with the help of friends Lindsay and Paris.

This show features NY Fringe award winning actress Molly Bell (A Marvelous Party at Center REP and World premiere of Memphis) asBritney. Book, music and lyrics by Molly Bell and Daya Curley who directs the production.

Molly Bell
Molly Bell, Ryder Bell Kuckein Photo credit: Jami Davis

Becoming Britney


Center REPertory Company 1601 Civic Drive in downtown Walnut Creek. October 28 – November 14, 2010


Performances begin Thursday, October 28 at 8:15PM. Opens Saturday, October 30 at 8:15 PM. Closes Sunday, November 14 at 2:15PM.


PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE: (Knight Stage 3 Theatre)

THURSDAY – October 28, 8:15PM
FRIDAY- October 29, 8:15PM
SATURDAY – OPENING October 30, 8:15PM
SUNDAY- October 31, 2:15PM

THURSDAY – November 4, 8:15PM
FRIDAY – November 5, 8:15PM
SATURDAY – November 6, 8:15PM
SUNDAY – November 7, 2:15PM

THURSDAY – November 11, 8:15PM
FRIDAY – November 12, 8:15PM
SATURDAY – November 13, 8:15PM
SUNDAY – November 14, 2:15PM

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