Charles Phan and Emily Luchetti

Sometimes at Stark Insider, we get a little trigger happy. Such was the case at the Eat Drink SF ribbon ceremony this past Friday evening.

Perhaps it was the cool and damp weather that had us pressing the buttons on top of our cameras continuously to keep warm; much less embarrassing than breaking out in jumping jacks, especially in front of some serious recording devices hanging off members of the media.

A reasonable person may have just quietly shuffled these photos into one’s publication archive. However, we took these photos with such earnest and think perchance there is someone out there who loves looking at the different aspects of the genre of photography called “ribbon cutting ceremonies.” Should we deny them such quality work?

Or…long lost friends or relatives of the participating sponsors may value seeing photos of their loved ones plastered forever in our corner of the digital universe.

For what it’s worth, here is what happens when ribbons get cut amidst those who are trigger happy.

Featured chefs (and one winemaker) in these photos: David Burke, Chris Consentino, Dominique Crenn, Hubert Keller, Mourad Lahlou, David Lawrence, Emily Luchetti, Michael Mina, Drew Nieporent, Rolland Passot, Charles Phan, Karl Wente, and Hoss Zare.

VIDEO: In case you missed it, here’s some sights and sounds from opening night!

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Loni Stark
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