Cinequest Question of the Day
Cinequest Film Festival 20: Opens Tuesday, February 23 in San Jose, CA.

With only 12 days to go to opening night, our conversation with Cinequest co-founder Halfdan Hussey continues. This time he talks about the film submission and screening process.

Imagine what’s involved trying to select the very best, from over thousands of films? See what kind of impact that can have on your social calendar!

“Our team reviews over 2,000 submissions… and they go to other film festivals and events, and they scour the globe, through all of our connections to find the latest, greatest,” says Halfdan Hussey who co-founded the growing festival twenty years ago.

Fortunately, Mike Rabehl, programming director, now heads up the process providing much relief to Halfdan, and bringing another expert eye to guide the process. In this segment, we learn what the Cinequest team is looking for in a film:

“We’re looking for films that are Maverick… of the highest quality… and serve the different communities that Cinequest serves.”

Well said. So far we—and I think all the fans of Cinequest—agree that this is a special film festival thanks to the passion of those behind its creation, plus those filmmakers and fans that have embraced the vision of being “Maverick.”

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