An ode to Valentine’s Day… candy hearts

    My true love, comes in two sizes: big and small
    My true love, comes in two sizes: big and small
    My true love, comes in two sizes: big and small

    Valentine’s Day is all about love. But that love can be for many things. Like your dog. Your large screen TV. Or maybe getting the last batch of bananas at the grocery store. Don’t you just love that?

    Yes, yes, sure, I know what you’re thinking: what about people? Well, true, they can be loved too. At times it can be a bit cliché, and not wanting any public displays of affection here, I thought I’d try something different.

    One of our favorite Valentine’s odes was by Mike Carrall who wrote “To my heart, with a heart.” It gave me a chuckle when I stumbled upon the post, and so I’m re-printing it here so that it may reach a whole new generation of candy lovers.

    Mike Carrall writes:

    Hearts are where it’s at.

    Around this time of year I know I’ll be in for some serious love, and I’m talking about the addictive, never ending bag of hearts kind. The kind of love that goes on sale 50% the day after Valentine’s Day.

    But let me clarify.

    There are cinnamon hearts. Addictive. And definitely spicey, goes well with soft drinks. But my true love is even sweeter.

    Then there are the heart rolls with all kinds of messages stamped on them to help you with your loving ways. They have a tarty taste. If you’re in the mood it can be fun.

    Or if you're in the mood for a little tart, look for the rolls
    Or if you're in the mood for a little tart, look for the rolls

    My real passion though are those big bags of hearts you see at Long’s Drugs or Walgreen’s. They wheel them out by the cartful. 5 or 6 bags is a good start.

    I always know these highly desired sweets will be abandoned only a day after Valentine’s when I can swoop in to save the day and extend good heart eating for another four to five months of the year.

    Oh, since I’m blogging about this for some reason on this site, I might as well suggest that they pair rather well with 7-UP, Diet Coke or some kind of carbonated spritzer. A nice partner for Web surfing on your computer or doing some online Valentine’s shopping for another special someone.

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