Casa Mesquite in Loreto Bay
Casa Mesquite in Loreto Bay

Casa Mesquite, craftsman of fine quality solid wood furniture, has been providing homeowners customized selections of furniture uniquely tailored for their Loreto Bay homes. Over the past years Casa Mesquite has served hundreds of homeowners and has built a reputation of reliability and service thanks to the leadership of Luis G. Cordova and Joel Sherman.

While in Loreto, Loni was fortunate enough to stay at Casa McGraw which is spectacularly furnished with pieces from Casa Mesquite’s portfolio of both custom and pre-designed creations. If you are considering furniture and interested in seeing some of the pieces in an actual Loreto Bay home, check out this video tour.

Casa Mesquite
Craftsman of Fine Quality Solid Wood Furniture
Photos of the different furniture models from Casa Mesquite
Floorplans with suggested arrangements of Casa Mesquite furniture.
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