Confessions of an iPhone Chick: Classic movie making techniques revisited

Laguna Beach Sunset
Laguna Beach Sunset

Sitting across from S.A. in a dimly lit lobby, I still could discern that when I mentioned my new iPhone, her eyes lit up with animation.

Before I knew it, our conversation had taken a sharp right turn and now with her iPhone in hand S.A. was showing me all the applications she uses, both to run her company and to keep in touch with her kids.

S.A.: Since I got an iPhone I take photos of everything…my children, scenery while hiking, parties with my girlfriends…
Me: Didn’t the Palm [S.A. never had a BlackBerry] have a camera as well?
S.A.: Yes, but the iPhone makes me want to play. With the Palm, it was all business. Now I have so much fun with my phone.
Me: Interesting… [as I contemplate the impact of user design on how something is used]
S.A.: Here, let me show you these sunsets I took in Laguna Beach. [click on photos, select the first in a series of several photos taken over the course of a setting sun] If you flip through them one after another, it’s like a movie. [laugh]

…and I thought this only happened on Apple iPhone commercials.

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