The sun was up and bright this morning, but by 9:00 you could see the clouds coming in and the wind beginning to kick up. The temperature did get into the high 70’s but the wind tended to keep it feeling cool.

Today was chores, chores, and more chores. Christmas decorations took more time to be unpacked than I’d figured, but then I should be used to that.

Our cat, The Magical Mr. Mistoffelees, is starting to calm down on his first trip to Loreto. Yorkie, Mandy is happy that Mr M is here but is a bit confused as to why Mr. M is not very active. He has ventured to the second floor once, and is now walking around the living room and patio garden a bit more but he’s still not quite certain about this place. Hopefully after 2 months he’ll be comfortable.

The day continued a bit on the cool side which was great. No heat, no A/C, just the fans and all was quite comfortable. This is great weather. There are no bugs to be seen which is great.

Tonight we attempted to find the Dolphin Dive Center open so our daughter could schedule a dive or two during her semester break. Since the place was closed we decided to have dinner at the Giggling Dolphin. The owner kindly called Raphael to see if there were openings on the next dive, which turned out to be Dec 20. Looks like I’ve found the perfect birthday present.

The weather for tomorrow and the weekend is forecast to be slightly warmer with fewer clouds. That would be great.