Whew, day one of 60 or so in Loreto. It’s good to be back, but I’m still getting used to the changes we’ve made to the Holiday Season. The day started great; about 68 in early morning rising to almost 80 at the peak and dropping to 70 by 8:00 for a comfortable dinner outside. There seem to be no “bugs” in the air so all the doors of our Bohemia are open and the A/C off. The ceiling fans make a slight breeze so it’s quite comfortable.

I walked a bit of the beach and golf course this morning. The tide was in so actual walkable beach was thin unless you wanted to wade through the native grasses. Fine as long as you had long pants on (which I didn’t) but not so good on 5 pound Mandy who was just fine with trying to jump through the clumps ignoring the fact that she couldn’t even jump as high as the grass had grown. Time to walk closer to the water’s edge and take a chance of getting our paws wet.

The Inn looks a bit dilapidated.

I didn’t walk onto the grounds but noted that a number of windows had tape X’d across them and one patio door that was gone and boarded up. At some point I’ll make a sojourn around the grounds to get some pictures of the place. The Paseo leading to the Inn is in worse shape than when I left a couple months ago.

The golf course didn’t look much better. Most of the tees and greens I walked (only about 6) were shaved close and brown. They looked in need of some sand and water to be allowed to grow a bit longer. They, in fact, it appeared to be in worse shape than what I observed in August and again in October.

The new “convenience store” operated by Julie Fager on the Paseo appears to have a bit of everything. I only managed to drop in for a quick look today but I know where to go for an item forgotten or an impromptu get together when you need crackers, Planter’s peanuts, sodas, or bottled water. There are many other items like a counter top water dispenser that I’m certain my wife will pick up and 5 gallon bottles of water. Even the delivered prices are enticing.

No photographs yet in the first 24 hours but I’ve got over 60 days to wander and unless the condo HOA meeting preparations really get in the way I may actually have some time to enjoy myself this time.