First place winners of the Paella contest.
First place winners of the Paella contest. Look at the regal wave these Paella contest winners are giving to all that showed up to eat Paella and drink wine.
First place winners of the Paella contest.

Friday was a busy day. In the morning we went to the FM3 immigration office and took care of a couple of business meetings. This was mixed in with catching up with old and new friends here in Loreto at The Second Annual Paella Contest.

Some of the paella contestants and eaters waiting in anticipation for the announcement of the winners. Hector Morales with the black apron won third place.

Clint and I arrived about an hour after the time the paella was scheduled to be served and by the time we arrived, it was all gone. Hence we have no photos of the paella, only photos of the folks that ate the paella!

Reports from Anne F. was that about 5 minutes after all the paella was ready, it was all gone. Barbara and Sheila did a fantastic job organizing it. There was great food, wine from Roganto (caught up with the winery owner and wine maker…more on this later), and fabulous music.

The tickets for this event was a 200 pesos donation to The Optimist Club Charity Fund. If you didn’t make it this year, mark your calendars for next year.

A wise piece of advice, “Arrive early or no paella for you!”


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