Sunday seemed like it was going to be a continuation of Saturday. Lots of sun and lots of mosquitos; It got one right and it wasn’t the sun. While still humid, the rain promised for Tuesday looks like it might arrive early. I hope not as I changed plans to head into Tabor Canyon on Wednesday in between some meetings that are scheduled this week.

Still the morning was quite nice and we had the opportunity to visit with our neighbors across the street. They wanted to know how we had wired our “office” to be able to work from Loreto so easily.


As the clouds came in the temperature dropped just a bit so I headed out to AV for some more photos. The mosquitos were out in force and even my Deet didn’t deter some of them. All was pretty quiet with only the municaipal Policia making their rounds.

Monday and the clouds are still with us. Tropical Storm Patricia is on its way but the forecast still says Tuesday. With any luck and the forecasters are correct, it will turn and head west giving us only a chance of some rain. From the tracking web sites, we hopefully will not get much wind. This will be good as many people have yet to clear their towers of loose tiles.


By night fall, the new forecast has the storm moving west and south of La Paz (YEAH). The outskirts may still drop some rain on us, but Tuesday morning dawned bright, sunny with just a few clouds, so fingers crossed as the latest update this morning is possible thunder showers for the next couple days.


For those that may not have seen it, the latest update newsletter from TCC came out last night with lots of information about the project. It can be found at tccloreto.com/links.html.

Al Graichen