Loreto Live: Internado School and 2010 Loreto Calendar

This year so far, I would say we have done a solid job in producing a 2010 Loreto Calendar that is a significant improvement over last year’s; both in quality and the revenue generated.

From a quality perspective. This year’s calendar has 4 significant improvements from last year’s:

  • More community effort: The photos taken for this year’s calendar are truly a community effort with contributions of some of the best photos from everyone.
  • Back gallery: The back gallery of the calendar design let us fit in 12 additional photos of Loreto, wow!
  • Inspiring quotes: Each month’s photo is accompanied by an inspiring quote from the photographer.
  • Environmentally-friendly paper: This year’s calendar paper is (FSC Certified).

All these improvements were made while keeping the costs of the calendar consistent with last year’s ($19.99 USD).

From a revenue perspective, we have sold 176 calendars to date which is about 2.5x more calendars than last year.

However, besides raising money and creating a quality calendar that we can all enjoy, the other significant part of this initiative is to drive awareness of the efforts within local charities and become more aware as a community of the ways we can all make a positive impact. From this respect, we have not done the Internado School of Loreto justice.

We are changing that.

Internado school with Linda Nicholls[audio:https://www.starkinsider.com/podcasts/loretolive/loretolive-internado.mp3]

To kick off this effort, I was fortunate enough to catch up with Linda Nicholls, ambassador for the Internado School in Loreto for a podcast interview. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed her company. After the interview, I felt truly inspired and invigorated. Truly fuel for the soul.

Thanks to the community effort we can make help to make a difference!