Tour of a Loreto Bay home with video

Tour of a Loreto Bay home with video

Amidst the news flowing from homeowners on the ground in Loreto, BCS of the impact of Hurricane Jimena on the community and infrastructure, Nellie Hutchison from Baja Boss sent an update on our Casa del Lagarto Azul. The photos are consistent with the Hurricane Damage Report from Beck Loreto which stated that for Agua Viva Lot 25 was “Apparently Unaffected.”

I was very surprised with how unscathed our home in Loreto was after Hurricane Jimena. I’m sure it speaks to the quality of construction by our contractor Ginax. TCC Loreto did perform a Surface Drainage test which showed no leaks, however, as they note, nothing beats a real storm to test out a home’s waterproofing.

In the email along with the photos, Nellie writes:

Please note that all homes in AV are still under the control of the General Contractors [ed: Beck Loreto, Ginax in our case]. They have secured the area and continue to responsible for the homes. This includes preparing the home prior to the hurricane and ensuring that little damage occurs during the storm. As well as ventilating it properly after the storm.

It withstood the hurricane well and there was no visible damage. We enclose photos for your information. The only notations that I would recommend is that the joints where the roof deck meet the wall be sealed, and the area around the wood pillar that meets the concrete anchor.

Some good advice and something we should all check out in our own homes.

On another note, what started as a single homeowner posting on Club Loreto Bay that we should band together as a community to help with hurricane relief efforts in Baja has resulted in a well-orchestrated effort with multiple drop off points for much needed supplies and a scheduled jet which will deliver all of the items to those adversely impacted by the hurricane in Loreto. I don’t know what to admire more, the compassion and heart of the Loreto Bay community or the swift, methodical organization of resources directed at an immediate need. Both!

For those that may have missed it, here’s a video tour of the home:

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