Another update from Bob Toubman who is the condo regime administrator for Loreto Bay in Nopolo, BCS:

Today was spent surveying the site and beginning the clean up.

Vivero Los Cabos was concentrating on the Paseo primarily removing trees, debris, sweeping, and cleaning.

Tomorrow they start moving into the neighborhoods continuing cleaning.

Overnight, Nopolo lost its water supply as the storage tank was drained. Obviously this creates additional problems along with the continuing lack of electricity.

The government is sending conflicting signals. One group states that a large portable generator from Cabo is being trucked in and installed tonight. This supposedly provides enough power for the town. We don’t know how that impacts Nopolo yet.

Another group states the problem wont be fixed for 5 or 6 days. The two versions could both be right as one is temporary and one permanent.

The government is also supposedly providing some additional generators for thehospital and for the ice plant as the area is still without ice. As of this afternoon neither had arrived.

There has been a meeting discussing regional spraying for mosquito control but no firm time set yet.

Property management companies continue to survey their homes.

I will continue to provide updates as necessary.

Loni Stark
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