I wanted to provide you a brief update of where we are after the storm.

As you may know, loreto has lost electricity, cellular service, and water to the town. Nopolo still has the water in the storage tank. We aren’t expected to get electricity back for another few days (the official line is Saturday at the soonest). Obviously without electricity, stores in town have no ice and refrigerated goods are rapidly going bad.

Only one station has gas and the lines are almost 1km long. There is a large police and military presence but no problems at all.

I’m sending this from the one place I was able to find that runs a generator a couple of hours a day and has internet.

Let me bring you up to speed on the conditions in opolo. You probably know more about the storm than us since we lost internet access. We have no reports of injuries.

Most damaging was the high winds. We really don’t know how strong they were. We lost quite a few palms in the Paseo. In the villages quite a few trees were lost in the areas directly exposed to the winds. In most areas such as courtyards, there was little damage to landscaping.

We had a number of service doors and utility doors blow off. There was damage to a limited number of main or courtyard doors. We had some windows that weren’t securely latched blow open. The property management companies were all out inspecting today, so I’m sure you can expect to begin receiving reports shortly.

There was loss of a large number of tiles off of viewing towers. This was a major safety hazard during the storm. Some roofs were badly damaged, and many weren’t damaged at all.

The property management companies will have to report on any water incursions into the homes as we didn’t survey them.

There is a large amount of trash blown everywhere. Today we still had very high winds but no rain. We will start to coordinate the cleanup tomorrow as conditions improve (hopefully).

There were a limited number of construction workers working in custom homes.

According to beck, the homes in agua viva fared well, but we will have to get more information on them in the next few days. We are still surveying exterior conditions in agua viva.

Many fences were blown over, but many look like they weren’t affected.

Conditions really varied depending on location.

The highway to town was passable the entire storm with the new bridges. However, the road to la paz was closed and expected to open tomorrow.

Hope that helps.

I’ll try to get out another report tomorrow.

Bob Toubman, Administrator
Balandra Management (Condo Regime Management for Loreto Bay)

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