I recall from StarkSilver Creek (a very hungry content beast…my sympathies) a piece regarding acronyms and the marketing materials they generate.

I began to think of various marketing materials we have received over the years because of the following acronyms, there are many more, attached to our names:

  • HIPPIE (requisite long hair, attendance to UCBerkeley / CCAC art school)
  • YUPPIE (requisite 3 Volvos, 1 SUV, 1 BMW, 1Z and 1 Porsche)
  • DINK (married 8 years before having 3 kids)

  • CCC (Children’s Community Center Parent’s Advisory Board)
  • SOM (School of the Madelene Parent’s Association Co-Presidents)
  • UCSC (Parents of Alumni and Rugby team members)
  • LMU (Parents of Alumni and Rugby team members)
  • UCB (Alumna donor)
  • IFSFBAYer (requisite International Folkboat, see DINK and YUPPIE)
  • AD (Art Director)
  • MI (Military Intelligence, see definition for oxymoron)
  • AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Designers)
  • ADA (American Dietetic Association)
  • AKC (requisite Kerry Blue Terrier regional champion, see DINK and YUPPIE)
  • AARP (protest letters of denial ineffective)
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