I spent yesterday at the APHSA ISM (American Public Human Services Association IT Solutions Management…how is that for a name?) conference in Chicago, Illinois having arrived around midnight into ORD from SFO on Monday. Even though I am in Chicago for the first half of this week, I do want to make sure we continue the momentum around the 2010 Loreto Calendar.

This photo submission for the 2010 Loreto Calendar is from David Valera, who is an extraordinary photographer and also Anne and Tony’s son-in-law.

We definitely have some favorites in this submission, but being part of the judging panel I am going to try to keep my opinions to myself until we get to the selection process which will kick off next week.

In case you have not been following for a while. The net proceeds from the sale of this year’s calendar will go to benefit the children of the Internado School of Loreto, BCS.

To ensure we have one of the most special and beautiful calendars ever, we have been seeking photo submissions from the Loreto community. To send in your own photos, please email them to loretocalendar@starkinsider.com.

Submissions will only be used for the calendar and to promote the calendar. The photographer will get noted on all photographs. Please make sure all photos sent in are your own and that you have the ability to grant rights for this limited use.

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