Christmas tree in Loreto

I’ve been trying to pace the posting of 2010 Loreto calendar submission to about one entry a day. However, with the increased number of photos coming in as the deadline approaches, I will need to resort to multiple posts a day of photo submissions. So clear your schedule this Labor Day weekend and visit back early and often.

The latest submission comes from Cynthia whom we met in her blue casa along the Loreto Bay Paseo. Clint and I hung out with Will and Cynthia in their tower having cold beers as is evidenced by this photo sent in as part of the submission. How would you all like to stare at us for the month of July?

Here is what Cynthia said in her note about these photos:

I have sat on the sidelines and just can’t resist any longer. I have photos of Loreto that go back to 1998, the first year Will and I made the acquaintance of the magic that it exudes and somehow traps you into wanting to spend the rest of your days (or a vast majority) in the area. Most of the early photos are not in electronic form, but I can reach back to 2006 and 2008 and submit the following to your calendar possibilities.

A comment in passing – all of the photos have been fantastic with many featuring the amazing and moving landscape of the area. Having said that, what makes Loreto Bay such a extraordinary place is the community, so a few photos featuring some of the community would be great. David Valero’s photo at Del Borracho is exactly what I am thinking of.

Keep those photos coming and when we move into the selection phase, we will be featuring all of your photos on the 2010 Loreto Calendar page.

If you have photos you want to submit, email them to Don’t miss the deadline! Photos not chosen for the 2010 calendar will be considered for the 2011 calendar.


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