I was starting to wonder when Marsha and Chuck Jackson would jump in and submit some photos for the 2010 Loreto calendar. Sure enough MJ stepped up a couple of days ago.

Many Loreto Bay homeowners will know Marsha and Chuck for the tremendous leadership they showed in preparing for the Agua Viva homeowner association meeting. We are most appreciative of all the homeowners that stepped up to lead us through the proxy process.

For those just visiting StarkSilverCreek, this is the second annual Loreto calendar. Each year, we pick a different local charity to Loreto, BCS to support. This year, all net proceeds from the sale will go to benefit the children of the Internado School in Loreto.

Another great photo submission. Again deadline is September 6th. You can email your photos to loretocalendar@starkinsider.com.

Hasta Luego!

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