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After a bit of a break from the posting of photo submissions for the 2010 Loreto Calendar, we are making a push to post all remaining photos by the end of today so that tomorrow we can officially begin the difficult selection process.

In one of my video updates, I commented that there has been some friendly spousal competition. We had kicked it off with posts from Tanni Graichen and in this entry, Cathy Getman highlights some of the photos she has taken over the years in Loreto, BCS.

11-07 Founders

It always amazes me how the Loreto Bay community pulls together to help out and overcome challenges.

Besides this effort which will benefit the children of the Internado School in Loreto, many homeowners have also come together to orchestrate a relief effort to help those that have suffered losses due to Hurricane Jimena. Drop off locations are being coordinated to collect much needed items for those impacted. Transportation is provided by such organizations as Baja Bush Pilots and through private donations of airlift. At the end of the post I’ve listed of needed items.

You guys inspire me!

Loreto or Bust

Nopolo Pte & Lagoon 2

Needs, Urgent:

Feminine hygene products
Diapers, child and seniors
Undergarments, men, women, children
Wipes for bathing and for babies
Mats/small mattresses to sleep on
Soap, Shampoo, toothpaste, brushs, etc
Disinfectants, all kinds
Mosquito / bug spray
Toilet Paper


Shirts / sweaters
Shoes (flip-flop, tennis, etc)
Basic toys, Soccer balls, etc
School Supplies, paper, crayons, pencels, etc.


Duct Tape
Cooking pots (5 quart, no lid, nothing fancy)

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