Sunday and all parties have checked in. The SF Caravan North of four more Loretoean WantaBe’s has successfully landed. The search for the northern territory (AKA USA) started Thursday night where the “clan” plotted the drive north.

Early Friday morning the caravan came together and started the trek north on Hwy 1. Multiple military checkpoints later with many near misses from Southbound Semis all arrived at San Ignacio where we had a late breakfast at rice & Beans. After a great breakfast/brunch, the caravan continued on to the evening destination, CataviƱa.

San Ignacio is in the middle of the “rock land” for those that have driven the route. Many people somehow stop at Guerro Negro both north and southbound. Driving north San Ignacio gives a better start for the next day and is not that much further north from Guerro Negro. To it’s favor, the Desert Inn where we stayed, is very ANIMAL friendly.

If you arrive early in the afternoon, a walk into the desert to view the scenery and history is definitely in order. Mark Dawson, Dan Getman and I took a short 1+ hour wander through the desert to the Oasis and back before dinner. There is some great scenery and history to be found out there. One such was a relic of an (alleged) 150 year old building that in many countries would be part of an archeological dig.

Saturday the caravan left San Ignacio and headed to the border. We had lunch in Ensenada where were said good buy to Pat and Barry who were staying for the night. The remainder headed out and decided to try the Tecate gate to the US. While the travel time is much longer, but more scenic, the time waiting at the border to cross is less. So you take your pick… less travel time, more border wait time VS more travel time, less border wait time. Much depend on your destination and your chance that the border wait time at the faster travel destination will be short.

The caravan hit CA and blasted north to LA. Somewhere around Anahiem The Dragin’ Dan Van was seen blasting through traffic at WARP speed. Just about as Mandy Mobile and Chuck Wagon hit LA, Mandy decided to stop just north in Valencia and Chuck continued on to Bakersfield.

Once again a memorable “flight” with lots of pictures and stories to come.