It’s hard to believe that the week is half over and the weekend is almost here. We have only one more day left in Loreto for this trip. Friday we start the 3 day drive up the Baja and Hwy 5 back to Danville. No more swimming in the Sea of Cortes for Mandy for a while.

Today was the day for more chores. While checking the truck tires for the drive I discovered the right front was a bit soft. On closer inspection a screw was discovered, so a trip into town sped right to the top of the to-do list.

On the way out I stopped at TCC to check on any recommendations as I knew of only the large tire facility at the entrance to town. As usual Bill and Laurie had other solutions. There is a small tire shop just across the street from Dali on Benito Juarez. The description was “it doesn’t look like much but it’s good and not as expensive as the main tire dealer.”

So off we went to town. The location of the second shop was better than the larger shop since we didn’t know just how long the “surgery” would take and Dali is within easy walking distance to the center of Loreto for lunch. If we were going to have to wait, then at least we could walk to town for lunch.

Just as I pulled up the Coke truck pulled in to deliver a few cases of liquid libation. That took priority, but the owner was called by one of the mechanics, not so much to check my truck, but because he spoke some English. After I showed him the problem, I asked how long it would take. He pointed to the Coke truck and just said “momento.” Well, 10 minutes later the Coke truck left and I was motioned to drive onto the “Pit.” Yes, a 1950’s oil drain pit.


The truck was jacked up, tire taken off in seconds and off he went. Another 10 minutes and he was back with the tire saying “no problemo.” I asked for the price, fearing the worst as I’d essentially interrupted the work on two large semi-trucks that were getting new tires. Forty pesos was the “damage.” I haven’t had the opportunity to have a tire changed or fixed in the US in a long time, but I suspect the price would be more like forty dollars.

Since the trek to town for the tire didn’t take nearly as long as I’d envisioned, we headed back down the road to give Tanni a taste of Vista al Mar. She had never had the chance to visit this wonderful location. The weather was just right as in the shade the temperature seemed to drop 20 degrees and the slight breeze actually made the heat feel comfortable.


This evening the weather cooled a bit so all A/C was off and doors open. A wonderful breeze keeps things just cool enough and there are no major issues with the pesky mosquitos.

The “brood” in our entry way sculpture is starting to grow up. Now when they want breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks/more snacks, instead of just poking a small beak up in the air, their necks are stretched up almost and inch and they are peeping like crazy. I actually heard them from our second floor patio when Momma arrived with dinner.


On the down side, we walked to the Inn this evening for desert as they have the best Chocolate Ice Cream. When we arrived at about 8:30 there were only 5 people at tables. Three were homeowners we’ve met and at least one of the other two was an employee of LBC. The wait staff were VERY attentive and every other sentence was to thank us for coming. A number of people left on Tuesday but it seems there were not many “incoming.” Let’s hope the July fishing tournament brings in a few more tourists.