The weather seems to be changing daily. Today it’s sunny, warm and looking like it should be a great day for the beach. Alas, work on the Sub Regimes, planning a dinner party and getting my notes in order for a meeting with Warranty take precedence. After a more than a week of trying, I’ve finally arranged a meeting with Warranty to review my “11-Month” inspection. Only one item on the 4 page list from TCC has actually been fixed by the builder. I’m in hopes that at least the top 4 issues can be addressed quickly as my month in Loreto is fast coming to a close on April 7.

The E1 Sub Regime meeting is tomorrow, Thursday. The E1 members that are in Loreto met yesterday to get collected, and prepare for the Q&A section of their first annual meeting. The concerns and questions while developed independently, pretty much mirror those of E2 from yesterday. Unfortunately the first Sub Regime meeting is not the platform to voice gripes about a builder that may not be in existence unless fresh capital is infused. First each Sub Regime must put “officers” in place to be the spokespeople for the Sub Regime. Once the organization is in place and there is a united “voice” the owners will be able to be heard.

An afternoon walk around the back “streets” of Founders has uncovered quite a bit of work finished and in progress to complete the meandering walkways. Even a major section in back of a very large custom has the walkway marked off and a large planting area started with the cement border already poured. There was not even a clue this would be done yesterday. Another very wide Calle has been marked off with the meandering pattern. If the same thing occurs with this one, as the one just down from my place, the area marked off will be jack hammered in one day and the edging cemented back in on the following day or two.

AND the news of the day, while I’ve not heard it officially, is, the Founders Pool is open. At least, the “No Swimming” signs are gone and there are people lounging around it (note the chaise around the edges) and swimming.