Ah… The morning was bright, air wonderful, the Founders Pool was still “open” for swimming, and I along with my neighbors were headed to the E1 HOA meeting.

Ok, it was much more organized than E2, thanks to the E2 experience. There was a concerted effort to keep everything on track and for the most part that was a success with a minor exception from one homeowner that just needed to be heard.

E1 received the same info that E2 did and had many of the same questions which were responded to in much the same fashion.

As occurred with E2, the Proxy validation took much to long. People are just not understanding how to fill out the Proxy or they are not filling them out correctly. This is not an LBC issue it it a HOMEOWNER issue. You must understand what you are doing in what is essentially a Legal proceeding.

I’m amazed that my notes from my own HOA meeting were only 1/3 of the notes I took from the first meeting (E2). Maybe I should not be surprised as I’d learned from the E2 meeting.
Regardless, much of the time spent was due to people asking questions about things that had already been answered by LBC or (and this is the larger one) questions that should not even be addressed at the first HOA meeting. Once the HOA has been established and there are forums established to get issues addressed, many HO questions can be answered.

There are many of us out there that would like to “sound off” but the formal HOA meeting that establishes the process is not the fist place to start, as much as we might like it to be.

That said, and for anyone that was not present or did not provide a Proxy for the E1 Sub Regime meeting, if you have any questions please address them to me at agraichen@sbcglobal.net as I am your elected representative for the E1 Sub Regime to the Master Regime.