It seems there is a lot of activity today even though it is the weekend. The southbound part of the Paseo between the Golf Club and FN358 is being swept. Yes, by hand. Two workmen have swept the entire street. When asked what was happening, the response was that they would be lining the street for parking. This will definitely help the parking situation.

Two hours later, there were two workmen hand painting a line along the west side of the street and two more dropping lime on the east side in the form of parking lanes. The stakes in the middle of the road still block traffic from getting in/out so only time will tell what will come next.

Again more work continued on the sidewalks. the Paseo west side is about 95% complete with only a couple of minor areas still being worked on.

Most of the work in Agua Viva today was in the form of a soccer game. The workers set up some make shift goals in the “botanical garden” area and played for at least 2 hours.

Loreto Bay paseo construction