Thursday dawned bright and warm. Not a cloud in the sky and the air was quiet. It would have been a great day to be out on the water looking for whales and dolphins. Unfortunately I spent the day waiting for LBC Warranty to show up. The said they’d have someone over at 9:00 AM but don’t recall saying a time. I’ll have to start carrying the recorder from my larger camera bag. Someone did show up at 3:00 PM so I will count myself lucky that it was the same day.

The workers in AV moved yet again today so different houses had activity. The road in was cleaned up a bit but the excavation was begun on the northbound lane. The northbound lane is already closed to traffic so there is no impact and driving is a bit better with two lanes open on the southbound lane.

For some of you headed down for the HOA meetings, check out the Club Loreto┬ápages for the latest updates on the walk- throughs that are occurring. I just posted the one for E1 and it’s rather extensive. There are others along with budgets in the various sub regime folders.

For you culinary buffs, I managed to get out for lunch at Del Borracho and instead of their wonderful Tuna sandwich (30 pesos), I opted for the main course special of the day. Lasagna with or without meat. I went with the meat and it was outstanding; for only 65 pesos it was enough for lunch and a snack later. Also high on the must try list is the French Dip.

If anyone that is in their home is considering any wood working, I’ve found someone that seems to be right on time, has fair prices and delivers when he says he will deliver. I’ll have him listed in the vendors section of Club Loreto.