Guest post by Jane Lurie.

It happens very early in the morning. It’s still dark when we head out. Over the past year, we have had to step around rebar and over unmarked holes in the ground. We’ve watched as a path was built from our homes to the beach. Now we walk through beautiful landscaping.

During all that time, one thing remained constant: the magnificence of watching sunrise from a kayak on the Sea of Cortez. We are often joined by throngs of pelicans, who begin diving for fish around us, other birds of all sizes, individual and schools of flying fish and on rare occasions, we are blessed with a visit from a group of dolphins.

Special thanks to Lois and Allan Peterson for taking this photo of us from the top of the Nopolo rock….and they were rewarded for their pre-sunrise hike up that rock with an incredible sunrise experience of their own. The close up photo was taken by Chuck Jackson, when he and Marsha joined us on a sunrise kayak adventure..and it was an adventure but that’s another blog entry.