loreto-bay-south-gate-maintenance-repair-al-graichenWhat a difference a day makes. It’s Monday in Loreto and the temperature got to the mid to high 70’s but the wind “kicked up” a bit so it was actually chilly. By kicked up I mean there was sand blowing everywhere which makes taking cameras out not fun. Sill if you take precautions, you can get some great shots. I was lucky and caught a good one of a very red House Finch at the entrance to Agua Viva on my morning walk.

Fun aside, a dozen or so of us meet to review the budget issues that are being raised with the Condominium Sub Regime Annual Meetings coming up. Read about the exciting time we had this morning in the notes on Club Loreto (Sorry, only registered Homeowners allowed). If you’re a homeowner and not part of Club Loreto please contact a homeowner you know to become a member.

For those that just follow what’s happening in Loreto, the South Gate is closed for maintenance (photo for today) and looks like it will be closed for quite a few days into the future.

With the sun going down now, it’s time to put on a jacket and wander about town.