Buy it Now! Is California’s next savior the garage sale queen?

    Meg Whitman: bringing Silicon Valley moxy to Sacramento?
    Meg Whitman: bringing Silicon Valley moxy to Sacramento?
    Meg Whitman: bringing Silicon Valley moxy to Sacramento?

    You have to hand it to Meg Whitman. Where most people saw old hats, used lingerie and moth-ball wigs, she envisioned a multi-billion dollar juggernaut called eBay. Who knew people would become so smitten with an online garage sale?

    Next broken subject: California.

    It turned out the Terminator did manage to fairly well destroy any sense of budget or fiscal responsibility. “I’ll be back!” is a better catch phrase than “I’ll balance the budget!”

    And poor Gray Davis, the mousy former governor who in 2003 was famously pushed in front of the bus with an Arnold-like “recall”, must be still shaking Enron stars from his head as he looks on in disbelief at a gigantic sink hole called the Caleeeeforneeeaaah budget.

    It’s no surprise that Meg is stepping into the ring for the 2010 governor’s race. She had become somewhat of a fixture on the Republican ticket last year (kind of like Carly Fiorina, but without the baggage) stumping here and there. John McCain in the wings: see! I am hip… she’s from Silicon Valley, and a woman. Young people vote!

    With Meg, power would shift from Hollywood (ha, could that be possible? Probably not) to Silicon Valley endearing many technology leaders to her cause. Or would party lines interfere? I suppose it would make me feel better if she were on a blue ticket, but that’s just me.

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