Interesting statistics from a poll in the latest issue of Money Magazine, February 2009 on page 20.

When asked the question of what they were willing and unwilling to part with in a down economy, 1,383 respondents gave some interesting responses. For me was also an acid test of our collective values, I give each a thumbs up or thumbs down based on my personal opinion.

Not willing to give up

48% Gym membership: Thumbs up. I agree. My body can’t be traded in and needs to stay healthy for a lifetime.

41% Eating out: Thumbs down. I enjoy my home-cooked meals where I know what I am putting into the dishes I make. Then again, I travel a lot for business and have to eat at restaurants on these trips.

35% Extra car: Reluctant thumbs up. The SF Bay Area is an urban sprawl and there is no way Clint and I can get around in convenience without two cars. Having said this, energy efficient cars are important.

30% Premium cable: Thumbs down. I disagree, most stuff on cable is junk. Good alternatives are a Netflix subscription, reading…or blogging.

20% Fine wines and spirits: Thumbs up. This is from a girl who still put through an order for Harlan Estate’s next release. I would say this and real estate are my two bad habits, could be worse.

Willing to give up

89% New gadget: Thumbs up. I agree, don’t need bleeding-edge widget. Then again, I’m not Clint…but I have enormous influence.

87% Sporting events: Thumbs up. I agree, but I am not much of a sports fan.

83% Big vacation: Thumbs up. I would be willing to give this up as Clint and I live on the west coast and there are beautiful places just around the corner.

80% Expensive clothes: Thumbs down. I would cut back to only expensive nice clothes for my work.

78% Cultural events: Thumbs down. I would cut back but the key ones I enjoy but still believe in the support of the arts.

Poll was conducted from December 9 to 11 out of the population of Money Magazine readers. I wonder what the gender split on this poll was.

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Loni Stark
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