500 miles as the crow flies from Loreto to Bucerias

Guest post by Carl Orthlieb

Let me introduce myself: I am Loni and Clint’s uncle. This would be of no note but through the fact that I’m only 2 years older than Clint. Through a quirk of fate and a rather large spread in the family on my wife’s side, I find myself in this enviable position. As is proper in all Chinese families, I am entitled to the honorific “uncle” which Loni seems to use frequently but Clint is still struggling with.

Clint graciously offered me the position of guest blogger considering that over the holidays my family and I spent our time in a small town outside of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico called Bucerias. To all of you Loreto fans, this town is on the “mainland” and about 500 miles SE.

Bucerias definitely shies away from the glitz and glitter of the bigger mega-resorts and hotels a little bit south in Nueva Vallarta and has charm unto its own. I hope that over the next few posts that I’ll be able to familiarize you better with the town, the Sunday market, the shops, and the restaurants. If Clint calls me “Uncle” I’ll even throw in my perfect margarita recipe!

Cheers, Carl 8^)