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Mexican Style, Sustainable (Paperback)

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars - 'Sweet Stuff'
Review by Monica Turner

You know how to learn about someone? Take a look at what books, magazines and newspapers they keep on the coffee table. It’s a clue as to what interests them, or at the very least to the latest coffee book deals they stumbled upon at the mall.

Baja shows well in photos. There is no doubt some of the most stunning scenery, aquatic and land-based, is produced across the majestic Mexican peninsula. So why not a nice addition to your coffee table reading collection that showcases the best in Loreto Bay architecture, the beauty of the surrounding landscape, and the nearby historic town of Loreto?

This glossy, 112-page picture book called “Mexican Style, Sustainable” fits the bill. Admittedly it’s part of Loreto Bay marketing efforts, but it does it very well, and the photos are beautiful. If, every now and then you get an itch to revisit Loreto, but can’t make it down, then flipping through this book will quickly transport you back.

Mexican Style, Sustainable (Paperback)
Tina Skinner
111 pages

Monica Turner
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