We just got the latest update from The Construction Coach, a construction consulting and inspections company in Loreto, Baja. The owners and operators, Laurie, Chris and Bill are now on their 4th year of living full time in Loreto. Wow, how time flies.


The December 2008 update is full of very sound advice for those Agua Viva homeowners that will be accepting their homes in the early new year. They give some great advice on things to consider for move-in and also explain in easy-to-understand language what the 1-year warranty covers, when the warranty starts ticking and how the deadline for getting issues logged works.

Also, effective February 1, TCC will be changing fees for inspections, CDC, Final Acceptance and 1-Year Warranty. Some will be adjusted up, others down to better reflect the size of home being inspected. In the past, there was a flat fee for many of these services regardless of if the home was a Casa Chica/Nueva Chica or a Encantada.

Here are some more resources for when you are ready to accept your home:

  • Home Acceptance Orientation Package from Loreto Bay
  • New Home Warranty Book – Glad to see this in electronic format. I wrote about this a while back hoping Loreto Bay would offer an electronic PDF version (Going Greener at Loreto Bay: You can have your cake and eat it too)
  • TCC 100-Day Notice – Great resource outlining things-to-do as you get close to the completion of your home

To access The Construction Coach Newsletters go to:

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