Swimming Pool Loreto Founder's Neighborhood Baja Mexico Currently, the only swimming pool in Loreto Bay is at the Inn at Loreto Bay. However, Replay Resorts is making good progress on the pool in Cluster 9 of the Founders’ Neighborhood.

An interesting feature of this pool, besides its unique shape which adds surprise and interest to this large courtyard, is the tree/landscaping at the center of this pool. This greenery will be framed nicely with the blueness of the water once the pool is filled.

These photos are courtesy of Baja Barry S. who kindly offered to share them on this site.

Swimming Pool Loreto 4
From this angle, you can see the dramatic curves of the pool shape as well as the beginnings of a structure that looks like a changing room. Anyone know?

Swimming Pool Loreto 5
Close up of the tree in the center of the pool. Looks like there will be a seating area as well.

Swimming Pool Loreto 2
I am not sure what this square structure is. It may be for pool equipment storage? I don’t think it is part of the pool since it is such a different shape than rest of pool.

Swimming Pool Loreto 7
The structure beside the pool upclose. I think it is a building to house changing rooms and showers…

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