El Pescador 01For those who are settling into their homes in Loreto or on an extended stay vacationing in a village home with kitchen, El Pescador (translation: The Fisherman) is a good place to get acquainted.

El Pescador is one of the largest grocery stores in Loreto and a great place to get many of the staples needed to try your own skills at cooking up some tasty Mexican dishes at home.

The store was clean and neatly organized. They had an extensive selection of fruits, meats, seafood and packaged goods at very reasonable prices.

Since Clint and I were only there for a few days and staying at the Inn at Loreto Bay, we only ended up picking up some drinks (aka Cola Light, water) to store in the hotel room refrigerator. One thing I couldn’t find at the shore was sunscreen.

If you do go, make sure you have pesos on hand. They do take credit cards but they had to take our credit card, run into another room in order to process the transaction.

El Pescador 03
Lots of familiar and not so familiar brands of drinks. Clint just picked up a 6-pack of Cola Light and we got some bottled water as well.

El Pescador 04
Refrigerated juices as well. I could imagine on a really hot day, coming into this store for a cold drink would also be a treat.

El Pescador 07
Cereal and coffee section.

El Pescador 08
Cash register area.

El Pescador 06
Good selection of meats.

El Pescador 05
Logo painted high up on the wall.

El Pescador 09
The bulletin board at the entrance of the store. I always like to look at these when I am in different cities and towns just to get a sense of the local scene.

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