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The article “Love Affair” featured in the Calgary Herald features developments in San Jose del Cabo area which is located 40 kilometres east of Cabo San Lucas. The community described sounds very similar to Loreto Bay. One particular quote that caught my eye was:

“Around the marina will be a Mexican walking village designed by
Intrawest of Vancouver. This will include shops, nightclubs, art
galleries, and language schools — in short, everything from T-shirts
and tacos to Rolexes.”

If you recall, the key management of Replay Resorts is from Intrawest.

Another interesting note was the pricing of the La Noria development in the area which is noted to be priced as follows:

Lot prices in

La Noria range from $285,000 US, in El Altillo from
$375,000 to $950,000, and $399,000 to $6,775,000 for a beachfront in
Fundadores. There are also a number of new homes for sale averaging
5,000 square feet that are priced from $2.3 million to $6.5 million.

You can access the article here.

Here is a website I found on Puerto Los Cabos. I think it is the same development as referenced in the article.

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