Loreto awaits the arrival of Loni and Clint

Guest post by Jane Lurie.

Jane and Sharon, Loreto Bay homeowners, take in the sunrise Loreto-style in kayaks on the Sea of Cortez

It is afternoon in Loreto. 3 friends are hanging out in the in the Sea of Cortez, enjoying the view. As we gaze at the horizon, a school of about 100 shiny, silver fish break the surface of the water together and then dive in again. We all let out screams of joy and wonder. They come up again 2 more times before they are gone. It just lasts a few seconds but we’re there to witness that magical moment.

Hello. We are Jane and Sharon, Loreto Bay homeowners, currently in Loreto. As Loreto Bay makes preparations to welcome Clint and Loni, we thought we’d share some of the experiences we’ve had since we arrived here on October 14.

(updated Loreto Bay construction photos at end of post)

Our home has been done for over a year. We are in the Founder’s Neighborhood. We Founders consider ourselves the true pioneers. We bought when there was only sand and string and, for some, one lonely model home. We marvel at what has been accomplished here so beautifully in the 3 1/2 years since we first set foot in Baja California Sur.

As we gaze at the horizon, a school of about 100 shiny, silver fish break the surface of the water together and then dive in again. We all let out screams of joy and wonder.

Kayaking is one of our favorite ways to enjoy the nature here. We bought our own paddles from a kayaking store at home and brought them with us in our car. (We drove down for the first time from the SF Bay area.That is a whole other blog.) We love being so immersed in the water and it’s inhabitants. And in the air the pelicans seem totally unconcerned by us. They will fly within inches of the kayak in search of fish. Some mornings flying fish, large and small, swim past us. Sometimes it is totally still and we can see the sea life in the water…colorful fish, rays and when we are in the estuary by that difficult hole on the golf course…we spot all the golf balls that never made it across the water and still haven’t been gathered by divers.

We have a lot of courtyard and pathway building activity around us. Each day we see major transformation as stone pathways grow and unique landscaping appears. One public plaza near us is being landscaped by a new company from La Paz. Their groupings are quite sculptural, with cactus, rocks and trees from the local hillside.

Construction on the pool in the Founders Neighborhood is moving very quickly. You can see in the photos that they have planted trees in the island.

On Via Vialidad, the road to Highway 1, the road is much lower than the street and they have built stone structures around each palm tree.

Loni and Clint will arrive on Thursday and we’re sure they will have many posts about all of the construction, road and landscaping action going on here.

We look forward to welcoming you both and sharing the excitement.


A new courtyard with fountain


A great place to enjoy conversation with family and friends


Stones around the trees at Vialidad

At work on the pool island with trees. How can you not enjoy life in Loreto Bay?

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