While flying into Austin today on American Airlines, I happened to flip through the latest version of American Airlines Magazine, July 15, 2008 edition. And there it was – staring back at me on page 32 of the latest issue which is also the second annual “green” edition.

I was right!

Oh, I know I could have just called up Clint and told him so, but how delicious is it to tell him in a blog entry!

Our debate started this past weekend when Clint had the car idoling as I withdrew some twenties from the Wells Fargo bank account for my upcoming trip…taxis take credit card but it is such a pain.

I noted that it was more energy efficient to turn off the engine during this period. Clint on the other hand thought the gas consumption for the same period would be less than turning the engine off and then on.

American Airlines Magazine, page 32 notes that turning off and on the engine is more efficient when one idols for more than 10 seconds.

I was right! Clint if you are reading this, you will need to verify on your next trip. I was going to take the magazine but remembering the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), I decided to leave the magazine for the next passenger.

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