While in DC this past week, I had the opportunity to drool over the photos from that New York Times article that Clint referenced in the last blog entry. Funny how sometimes Clint and I communicate through our blog.

This week, thanks to our Loreto Bay neighbors Karen and Terry, we received some great photos of Agua Viva from their last trip out to Loreto and I was fortunate to get permission from them to share with all of you. You can see the new parts of the golf course, Agua Viva homes, and estuaries/canals.

So here they are; I need not say more as these photos are proof that not only is marketing in action, but so is construction!

P.S. Love to see your photos from your trips and if you are ok with sharing, we’ll even post them up or put a link to your online photos.









Loni Stark
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