Img_3205Clint and I have been guilty of bugging our Loreto Bay account manager, Jennifer, for almost a year now for the Agua Viva exterior color selection. Each time we got a polite response that the Loreto Bay village designer was still contemplating the colors.

Having chosen colors for the interior of our primary residence, we could empathize with the challenge of such a daunting task. The fate of the visual beauty of hundreds of homes in the Agua Viva phase of Loreto Bay was at stake.

As always in life, when you least expect it — surely when you have given up all hope — an innocuous email arrived in my inbox this past Thursday. Attached to the note was a PDF of the 12 exterior color choices. The palette was a wonderful collection of colors that would be highly suitable for both a home’s exterior as well as Easter eggs. Timely don’t you think?

Yesterday, on advice from many of the homeowners of our Yahoo Loreto Bay club, Clint and I visited a Sherwin-Williams paint center on our way to our Viking Cooking Class (a review to come later).

Here are some pictures of this momentous event, that only other Loreto Bay homeowners can truly appreciate. Others may just think we’re crazy.






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