The Much Awaited Loreto Bay Floor Plans

It started off a week ago, with a voicemail left on Clint’s cell phone by our Loreto Bay Account Manager, Jennifer Hoegger. Message was simple – our final plans for our home were ready and would be FedEx’ed to us.

This was a much anticipated call since when we visited Loreto early this year, we noticed our foundation was already poured. You could understand my desire to review final plans and sign off before construction progressed further.

Sure enough, a couple days later, the plans and options list came in that familiar FedEx package.

I’ve seen the floor plans many times, but this version had all the details of dimensions, electrical outlets, cable outlets, air conditioning units – the whole works. (I have to note here that it would have been faster if they had turned the plans into a convenient Adobe PDF and emailed it to us. Of course, once I got the plans, I scanned them in, opened up my Adobe Acrobat Professional version 8 and OCR’ed the plans. Now I have a soft copy for my archives.)

What was very exciting is that there are going to be solar panels for heating water on the roof of home. If you recall, in a previous post, I had lost my attempt to get solar energy in our primary residence for this “fiscal year” to Clint’s home theatre project. It is great to see that I still get my solar panels, in Loreto!