Yangtze River Dolphins Extinct

Yangtze_dolphin_0810Just read the Time article from last Friday on the extinction of the Yangtze River Dolphins due to competition with humans for food and environmental degradation. According to the article, it is the first aquatic mammal to go extinct in more than half a century.

It is really sad to see this happen and I hope that in our pursuit of progress, we also develop the wisdom to define progress in a manner which includes coexistence with other organisms which contribute to the diversity, richness and quality of our environment.

It also made me reflect on our future place in Baja. I really hope that the Loreto Bay development along the Sea of Cortez, and the future investments and developments along the coast will make the necessary investments to also preserve the marine life in the sea.

In our home in San Jose, we are fortunate to back into an open space preserve which is home to several threatened animal and plant species. It is nice to know that the space is protected so that these plants and animals will hopefully never become extinct.