In Review: V-Moda Earphones Give Bose Some Heavy Competition

I’m in DC this week in meetings with my government team. I was able to catch a direct flight on United from SJC to IAD which is always nice. Last time, I had a stop over in Dallas and was caught in a thunderstorm fiasco.

Because of the long continuous flight, I brought my mp3 player. I was contemplating bringing the Bose QuietComfort 2 Noise Cancelling headphones which Clint has as it really makes the flight more pleasant, but the bulky form factor was a big deterrent. I opted instead to just use the new V-Moda headphones I got for the gym which are really compact. I didn’t have a side-by-side comparison between the two headphones, but the V-Moda was surprisingly effective in blocking out surrounding airplane noise.

At almost 1/10 of the price and 1/100 of the size of the Bose headphones, the V-Moda earphones gets my thumbs up as an essential travel companion.

V-Moda Base Freq Earphones (black)

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