San Francisco: Top Chef Just Desserts celebration for Yigit Pura (Video)

Cheers erupted across Union Square as Yigit was announced the winner of Top Chef Just Desserts.

Yigit Pura Top Chef Just Desserts Winner
Celebrations after the screening of the final episode of Bravo's Top Chef Just Desserts. Yigit Pura, winner of the premiere season celebrates with the hundreds of friends, family and fans who showed up to support him at Macys Union Square, San Francisco.
Yigit Pura Top Chef Just Desserts Winner
Celebrations after the screening of the final episode of Bravo’s Top Chef Just Desserts. Yigit Pura, winner of the premiere season celebrates with the hundreds of friends, family and fans who showed up to support him at Macys Union Square, San Francisco.

Yesterday night, San Francisco showed up at Macy’s Union Square to support Yigit Pura, Bravo’s Top Chef Just Desserts finalist and executive pastry chef at Taste Catering, during an exclusive west coast screening of the final episode.

Yigit welcomes the crowd of fans.
MeMe Pederson, CEO of Taste Catering welcomes everyone and introduces Yigit Pura.

The evening kicked off with introductions from Patrick, Director of Macy’s Union Square and MeMe Pederson, CEO of Taste Catering.

Yigit, of course, was there to thank everyone for supporting him and showing up to the event for the final reveal of who would win the first season of Top Chef Just Desserts. He noted that if he wins he wanted to give everyone at the event a hug, and if he loses, he still wanted to give everyone a hug.

Special permission was granted by Bravo to screen the final episode at 7:30 pm PST which was earlier than the show aired on Bravo on the west coast. In order to accommodate this, the screening had to be paused for 12 minutes just before the winner was announced.

The intermission was well spent with Taste Catering handing out dainty bags of macaroons and cookies to the audience. A little more posh than your typical popcorn.

In the end, Yigit’s hugs were hugs of victory. Cheers erupted as Yigit was announced the winner of the premiere season of Top Chef Just Desserts.

I first met Yigit during the screening party for the premiere episode, so it seems fitting that I would connect with him again, to screen the grand finale, chat about his experience and celebrate his triumph.

Yigit is not only a great pastry chef, but a genuinely nice person and much deserving of the top honors.

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    • 15744

      America sucks before of sore losers like you

    • eff ewe

      I think Morgan is an amazing, talented, technical chef. Truly. But you make Morgan look bad and he’d probably be embarrassed by a fan like you who yells at nice people just watching tv. If you really think that Yigit couldn’t POSSIBLY have won, you’re probably not being objective. I think both chefs are great and either could have won – probably depends on the day. On that particular day of the competition, Morgan’s souffle appeared to be undercooked. He even seemed upset about it and also recognized Yigit as being his primary competition during the show. I don’t think Morgan is a sore loser. Strange that you are… GO YIGIT!!!

    • Acw332003

      Dorothy, I find it very sad that you support an egotistical, female basher with such conviction! Yigit, is an amazing Pastry Chef who represented our city as well as the gay community with honor, dignity and grace. I think it’s best we don’t have to hear from Negative Nancy’s like yourself so, not to watch again is probably the best idea you’ve had.

    • Richard

      Poor Dorothy. Her support of the bigoted Morgan (in shouting Caps) revealed more about her than I think she intended. Congratulations to Yigit and to Top Chef: Just Desserts — a wonderful show with a very happy ending this season!

  • Nicepittfan

    I’m so happy Yigit won! He was a joy to watch all season. He’s super cute too!


  • Congratulations Yigit! We love you and you deserve this!

  • Mags

    I’m with Una. You have always been a winner at Taste Catering – Now you proved yourself to America & the secret is out. Congratulations Yigit.You truly deserve ALL of it.

  • Paul

    TY for a great post

  • Lesley

    Morgan is a hateful and bitter person. Not to mention, a homophobe. He said some horrible things
    about his fellow contestants. He obviously has major emotional issues that were displayed
    throughout the competition. Morgan needs to go live in a cave by himself and make ugly
    cakes and lots of macaroons.

  • Favelove03

    Congratulations for a successful show. It went well. Morgan is definitely my favorite. I am from the Philippines and I saw the consistency of his work from beginning to the end and he’s not mean at all. Heather H was great at first but talking bad things behind Morgan’s back is certainly not professional and childish. I won’t work with someone like that. It’s a competition and like what everyone else said, they (Team Diva) are acting like High School students. I want someone who’s upfront. I LOVE desserts and Morgan is someone I would hire. Good for you Morgan,even if you did not win. Team Dive, good for you as well, you just showed to the public your true colors and work ethics :-)

  • Yigit is too cute! His plans are to open a pastry shop in San Francisco.
    After such an impressive season you know he’ll want to show off his very best.
    Morgan was good competition though, he’s gotten a lot of publicity from the show and I know he’ll be greatly sucessful too.