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Support Loreto, Baja California Sur

The net proceeds from this year’s calendar will benefit Eco Alianza, a Loreto non-profit that helps promote environmental awareness in the community. To date the Loreto Project has raised $5,566 for charitable non-profit organizations (see details below).

2011 Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico Wall Calendar

Price: ** SOLD OUT **
Size: 11″ x 8.5″

For the 3rd year in a row the Loreto Calendar has sold out thanks to the generous support of hundreds of people who purchased one or more copies. For corporate orders of 100 or more calendars, please contact loni@starkinsider.com. As a corporation you have the opportunity to support a great cause.

Enjoy 12 months of Loreto magic!

With a high resolution, inspiring photo contributed by a fan of Loreto for each month of 2011, this special calendar captures the beauty and charm of Loreto and the Baja. Holidays are marked for the US, Canada and Mexico.

This year we are using a pre-order process only, so please get your orders in as soon as possible to ensure you receive your calendar(s). Last year the calendar sold out.

Even better, you’ll be supporting Loreto and a worthy cause.

100% of the net proceeds of each calendar purchased will benefit Eco Alianza, a Loreto non-profit that helps promote environmental awareness in the community. Based on current costs, we estimate that about $9.00 for each calendar purchased will be donated. Full disclosure of total proceeds donated will be published periodically.

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    • US Continental 48: $3.87 USPS First Class Mail (up to 2 calendars) or $5.95 USPS Priority Mail (3+ calendars)
    • Canada/Mexico: $4.95 USPS First Class Mail (up to 2 calendars) or $10.95 USPS Priority Mail (3+ calendars)
    • A pick-up option is available for those in the SF Bay Area or able to make special arrangements for someone to pick-up and bring to Loreto. During check-out select “pick-up” and shipping will be $0
  • Taxes apply to orders shipped to California
  • If you have any questions, email us at: loretocalendar@starkinsider.com
Follow the Photo Selection Process

As we get closer to the printing of these calendars, we will be selecting finalists from the photo submissions. If you’re interested in participating, email photos to loretocalendar@starkinsider.com for consideration. Who knows, your photo may be one of the 14 selected! To follow along, be sure to check out the Loreto Calendar section.



Amount raised: $10,000
Charity: Eco Alianza


Amount raised: $4,190
Charity: Children of the Internado School in Loreto

Thank you for your support:

S. Ferris
J. Portilla
K. Hoffman
J. Sauvageau
J. Stechyson
S. Hopcraft
A. Thibeault
B. Sardis
D. Lundy
T. Dalton
M. Sauvageau
K. Wareham
D. Hopple
L. Buzzelli
J. Vanier
C. Lundy
K. Richerson Jr
D. Scanlon
S. Gilbert
L. Samuels
C. Brettschneider
S. Edwards
C. Laird
C. Jackson
B. Reid
R. Hubbs
J. Lurie
Y. Nava
C. Bampton
L. Fleming
W. Whitfield Jr
A. Omens
C. Getman
F. Vadurro
S. Morganroth
K. Clark
A. Rogowski
J. Morgan
J. Casey
J. Thomson
K. Klein
D. Hodson
M. Bartlett
K. May
L. Emmons
E. Schaefer
C. Sessions
D. Erickson
J. Sherman
C. King
H. Stark
A. Graichen
K. Marshall
D. Getman
C. Killeen
J. Soderstrom
D. Valera
J. Kuehl
M. Gallagher
G. Filby
B. Durnian
A. Studdiford
A. J Randall
S. Foken
C. Getman
A. Fletcher
C. Rotstein
G. Stratos

From the Internado School

February 22, 2010.
Just wanted to keep you updated on the use of the donation to the school from the sale of the great calendars.

I had wooden cabinets made for the the girls/boys dormitories. We did not have enough old second hand metal lockers for all the students to store their belonging during the week. They look great. All the hinges on the old lockers were repaired as well and now are working perfectly.

I purchased the metal shelving for the kitchen. It is up, but still needs to be connected to the wall. These units will hold all the cooking utensils used daily to feed the children and that makes a lot of pots and pans. You can just imagine how happy the cooks are to have a new and tidy area for them to work out of.

Thanks ever so much for the additional matching funds. I will tuck that way in the bank and keep you posted on what will be our next project.

hope all this is ok with you. Everyone here is really happy.


February 6, 2010.
I have no idea where the times goes, so pardon my being late in responding.

To date we have been working on repairing the lockers in the girls dorm. They were in terrible shape. You might remember this from your ice cream visit. We also are adding additional lockers so that each girl will have one and not need to share. As they board at the school sunday through friday they need space for their clothes and personal belonging. We also are adding some additional lockers to the boys dorm., but will wait until the girls’ are finished.

We replaced six faucets in the boys bathroom which were always leaking. Just old age once again. We also enlarged the outtake pipe. You can just imagine the amount of hair that manages to make it way into the drain and clogged the pipe. Larger is better.

Finally we are getting prices from wal-mart in la paz for replacing and updating our kitchen storage shelving. This is where all cooking pots etc. Are stored. The shelving is 20 plus years old and rusted away beyond help. There is no way to keep it clean. We hope to install the new shelving, paint and just make certain all is clean and tidy. We have been wanting to be able to do this for a long time and your generosity will make it possible.

That’s it for starters and i will keep reporting on our progress.



Amount raised: $1,376
Charity: Animalandia

Thank you for your support:

Anne and Tony F.
Catherine and Dan G.
Linda K.
Marsha and Chuck J.
Megan S.
Hans S.
Russell D.
Jane L. and Sharon D.
Patricia R. and Baja Barry
Jeff S.
Annie and Alan O.
Kathy M.
Janice H.
Jordan S.
Alan R.
Peter and Heather S.
Eva and Ming K.
Karen and Terry S.
Sue M.
Maria E. S.
Darin K.
Ariel K.
John D. P.
Suzanne D.
David F.
Dennis E. B.
Linda W.
James M.H.
Clinton and Loni S.

From Animalandia

Dear 2009 Loreto Calendar Supporters,

Your purchase of the 2009 Loreto Calendar has made possible the continuing operations of Animalandia 2009, a free spay and neuter clinic for the street dogs and cats of the greater Loreto, Baja California Sur, area. The clinic, run by volunteer staff, initially was made possible by the donation of land, and by caring people who provided clinic construction funds. Continued fund-raising makes it possible for visiting vets to have a safe and clean environment within which to perform surgeries. In the past five years, almost 3000 animals have been sterilized, and as a result, Loreto benefits from having a high proportion of wanted and cared-for mascots.

As you open your calendar to January 2009, please know that from January 25 to February 1, Animalandia will have the pleasure of hosting a large team of veterinary surgeons and assistants from World Vets. And each month thereafter, as you turn the pages throughout the year, listen and you will hear once again our heartfelt thank you for your support.

Please contact info@tmre.org for information on tax-deductible contributions to Animalandia.

Happy New Year,

Marla Daily,
Animalandia Development Volunteer