Recommended Nexus 4 case that can take a beating

Our mates across the pond sent us a KaysCase (ArmourDillo) tester with red accents. This Nexus 4 case is rugged, priced right and well made, save for one issue.

Any.DO Android app gets task management right

At first I was skeptical. Do we really need yet one more app snooping around our Gmail inboxes? Now, as they say, I'm a believer.

Want to improve your golf game? There’s an app for that! (Review)

SwingTip consists of a small sensor that easily and quickly attaches to the shaft of the club and relays data to an app running on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Android App of the Day: Scope Beta for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Scope supports five networks at this point: Facebook (blue), Twitter (red), Instagram (orange), Foursquare and Tumblr. In testing all worked without a hitch, and refresh rates were respectable.

Review: MediaFire cloud storage app for Android

Mediafire jumps into the cloud storage fray. The real carrot is 50GB of free storage. But is it enough to woo users of competitors such as Dropbox, Box, Skydrive and Google Drive?

Review: Jays a-Jays One Plus tangle-free headphones with universal remote

I was able to adjust the EQ to dial in beautiful sound for a variety of music I sampled on the Jays One Plus headphones, including classical (Brahms), Pop (Peter Gabriel, Lady Gaga), Country (Johnny Cash), and Rock (U2, Nine Inch Nails).

Review: TiVo still the time-shifting king

In a world with Apple TV, Roku and on-demand services such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu and YouTube, is there still room for TiVo? I revisit an old friend to find out.

Review: Coloud Colors C19M In-Ear Headphones

Construction is so flimsy that a hard week’s regular use would destroy them. Any self-respecting ‘tween in Silicon Valley wouldn’t fall for these.

Hands-On ‘Songza’: New curated music service takes on Pandora, Spotify

Songza, I discovered, is a startup in New York City whose staff includes software engineers, and music experts... and what any self-respecting startup also considers core to the business: "absurdly talented dancers."

Review: Logitech puts the boom in Boombox

U2's Sunday, Bloody, Sunday via Google Music came across brilliantly, with intense marching bass and pounding drums, and a crisp upper range; the cymbals in particular really rounded out the tone. Bono's vocals were separated nicely.