Carbon v2 Twitter App for Android looks the part

I've found that Twitter apps typically fall into one of two camps: (1) Those with deep functionality targeted at power users; and (2) Those with pretty interfaces aimed at casual users. The refreshed Carbon (v2) Twitter app for Android falls into the latter camp.

Cover App for Android – Give your lock screen some smarts

The three devs behind Cover obviously have a penchant for slick design. This is a gorgeous app.

Review: Soundfreaq Sound Spot Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Soundfreaq opted to install one large driver in the SFQ-07. That's a smart choice. Sound is a notch or two better than what you might find on smaller units with two smaller speakers.

Review: Kinivo BTX270 Bluetooth Speaker (Hint: Winner)

Dynamic range, in particular, is startling for such a small box. Bass is rumble-icious.

Review: Here’s the perfect Qi-enabled wireless charging pad

TYLT VU, easily my favorite Qi charging pad to date.

Foursquare for Windows 8 a visual knockout

I tested Foursquare side-by-side on the Surface Pro with a Nexus 4, iPad Mini and (for kicks) an old Samsung Galaxy Tab. There's no comparison: Windows blew them all away.

The convenience of Qi

Drop and charge. The promise is enticing: you simply place your device on a pad, and, presto, it magically begins charging. But does it work?

TYLT TUNZ – Spunky Bluetooth Speaker a Winner

The ever ubiquitous Jawbone Jambox is the obvious competitor. At $149, about 25% cheaper, the Tunz wins on price, but what about performance?

Yahoo Android app is just OK (Review)

I do like the visual presentation. Yahoo has smartly opted to go with large photos when possible. Most occupy almost the entire screen of my Nexus 4.

Review: Next Issue for Windows 8

Now that Next Issue is available for Windows 8, find out how it compares to its Android and iOS peers.