How to (not) disable the Amazon Echo Alexa Try card

Amazon Echo: The one thing that drives me (and others) absolutely bonkers

Try "Alexa, ..."For all the amazing capability voice assistants bring to our homes, there's often a gotcha here or there, after all this is new technology with the Echo Dot kicking off the smart speaker revolution merely three years ago in 2015.Speaking of Echo, the one thing that drives...
Google Home and Amazon Echo Dot

Trendspotting: Amazon sold “tens of millions” of Echo devices, told 100 million jokes in 2018

Amazon is re-inventing the smart home, and making a fortune in the process. Can Google, Apple, Samsung and others catch up?
T-Mobile now offers support for eSIM on iPhone XS, XR

T-Mobile now offers eSIM support for iPhone XS, XR

eSIMs are slowly catching on, and, thankfully, making activating phones easier. T-Mobile is the latest U.S. carrier to offer support for the technology on new iPhones, including the XS, XS Max and XR.Earlier this month Apple rolled out iOS 12.1.1, a minor update, but one that enabled iPhones to...
Apple to roll Texture into News app and add Netflix-like subscription feature.

Apple Texture Magazine App: Publishers confront similar issue that challenged music, TV and movie business models

The Texture app has been out for a while now. Often described as a Netflix for magazines, the nifty app for iOS and Android lets you read about 200 magazines for only $10/month. It's a great app, and I especially enjoy it when traveling.Now that Apple owns Texture via...
Apple needs to simplify iPhone naming

Are iPhone model names confusing buyers?

First, in 2017, there was the X (as in "ten"), the first iPhone not to use traditional digits in its name.Then, earlier this year, Apple released a trio of speedier, hipper phones with some most unfortunate names: the XR, XS and XS Max.To add to this fun alphabet soup...
Project Fi on iPhone

Mobile News: Google Fi cell service now available for iPhone (Settings screenshot)

11.28.2018 UPDATE: Fi is officially here for iPhone (5S or newer). You can sign up here. Also, Google has renamed and re-branded the service as simply Google Fi. To activate Fi on an iPhone, insert a Fi SIM, download the Google Fi app, and follow the instructions. You'll need to...
Alexa app compared to Sonos for whole home audio

Trendspotting: Echo Dot smart speaker leads way for Amazon on Cyber Monday

We love the Echo Dot. In fact we really, really love the tiny smart speaker. If there was any doubt about our obsession with all things Alexa, that was cast aside in a major way yesterday.Amazon says this year's Cyber Monday was the company's biggest shopping day ever. Ever....
Panasonic GH5 top controls

Best Camera for 4K Video: Panasonic GH5 still the King of video

For 4K video work (and 1080p HD too) the Panasonic GH5 remains our top pick.Though the flagship camera was released in 2017, you'd be hard pressed to find a mirrorless camera that comes close to its overall performance for shooting video.Thanks to a recent price drop and promotion, Panasonic's...
Sonos Amp is an updated Connect:Amp with more power and connections

New Sonos Amp delivers more power, supports AirPlay 2 and TV connectivity

Sonos Amp is an updated Connect:Amp with more power and connections, plus a new and modern minimalist look for $599.
Smart Camera Functionality - trend market report 2019

Trendspotting: The smart camera era begins in 2019

"Cameras are becoming terrifyingly smart."According to a new report, the smart camera era begins in 2019.What does that mean?Activate CEO Michael Wolf and his research team suggest there are three primary reasons to expect the emergence of the smart camera over the next year or so:Visual intelligence Functionality ...